and electronic interconnections

About us Coycavi

Our solutions are as diverse as our customers' needs

From large-scale cabling to micro wiring, we are known not only for the quality and reliability of our products, but also because we guarantee a high control during the manufacturing process and always ensure the supply of our products.

years of experience
million units produced per year
70 people in the team (65% women)

Connecting with the industry since 1999

ISO 9001

Quality Management System certification.

New facilities and 5S
New modernised production plant with increased production capacity.
Entry into the Lifting sector
Manufacturing of the first prototypes for reference clients in the industry.
Entry into the Railway sector

Start of manufacturing in this sector with top-level manufacturers.

Implementation of ERP

Management system for process control and quality assurance (Short series adapted to our customers’ needs).

UL certification obtained

Improvement in our management systems to better adapt to our customers’ requirements.

New automated warehouses

Installation of automated warehouses for the improvement of processes and product flows.

Acquisition of a new group

Entry into a new industrial group with strong development potential.

About us Coycavi

Your strategic partner in the electronics sector

With the strength of a large group

Alongside the companies TER» and TECTRON», COYCAVI is part of a collective group which provides a wide array of talent and capabilities within the electronics sector. We offer all of our solutions through a single provider, in an agile and specialised manner. With the robustness of a large group and the efficiency of the companies that are part of it.

About us Coycavi
About us Coycavi


A commitment to quality and the environment

All our products are endorsed by specific certifications. We also maintain a strong environmental commitment through the rigorous implementation of several standards, with the responsibility of knowing that we only have one planet.