We make connections

We are specialists in wiring and electronic interconnections

The COYCAVI team has been making connections for over 20 years. We specialise in the manufacturing of all types of wiring and electronic interconnections for a wide range of applications, both domestic and industrial.

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Wiring and electronic interconnections

Our solutions are as diverse as our customers' needs. From large-scale cabling to micro wiring, we are known not only for the quality and reliability of our products, but also because we guarantee a high control during the manufacturing process and always ensure the supply of our products.

Made to connect

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About us

We connect people's lives. We have more than 20 years’ experience in the manufacturing of wiring and electronic interconnections which ensure the operation of thousands of devices, machines, and equipment across various sectors.

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Why Coycavi

Beyond our work activities, we are driven by a way of being that connects with everything we do: offering reliability to our customers, always with flexibility, and with a specialised team of people who are the driving force of our company.

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We are a partner for our customers. We develop customised solutions to provide quick and effective responses to all their needs. We grow and improve alongside them, earning their most valuable connection: their trust.