If we connect, it's because of our way of understanding what we do

There are many companies whose activities are based on the manufacturing of wiring. But the COYCAVI team likes to think that customers choose us again and again because of our way of doing things. Because there are many cables, but our values are truly unique.

Why COYCAVI Coycavi

Connection with our customers

At COYCAVI, we always have our customers in mind because we think for them. We listen to them and advise them. And then we work together to find the best solution for their needs. We know how to do it. We treasure the experience and knowledge that we have been accumulating since 1999. All our efforts are aimed at ensuring that our customers are always satisfied. In short, everything we do is based on finding a thousand different ways to answer the same question: What do you need to connect?


We believe that a range of solutions should be as extensive as our customers' needs. With flexibility, knowledge, and rigour. With efficient and customised responses. From large-scale cabling to micro wiring. From very small series to medium series. With innovation and a constant process of improvement to always provide the best solutions. Because the market evolves, and we evolve to connect with every change.

Why COYCAVI Coycavi
Why COYCAVI Coycavi


We are always fully committed to everything we do. We are committed to the quality of our products, to the environment, and to achieving great results: guaranteeing high control over our manufacturing processes and the supply of our products under any circumstances, with short delivery times. Because we are known for our products; but, above all, we are recognised for always delivering on our promises.

Connection with people

COYCAVI is a great place to work. A place where all ideas are heard, and all points of view are respected. A place where transparency is not just a word but a reality. An environment of training and personal and professional development for our teams of people, who are our most valuable asset. Specialised, creative, and dedicated individuals who make each project their own. Because COYCAVI makes sense because of the people who are part of it.

Why COYCAVI Coycavi